Helicopter transportation in and out of BIG SUR Booking and information page

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Flights IN and OUT of Big Sur

Specialized Helicopters, Inc. is working with Post Ranch Inn, Del Monte Aviation and many other organizations, businesses and groups to provide a safe and efficient way to transport people and luggage into and out of Big Sur.



Monterey Airport - Use airport parking near terminal or Del Monte Aviation parking for overnight or to drop off passengers and luggage.

If you need to leave your car in the airport parking lots, then contact us and we can have a car come get you at the terminal by the Ride Share sign in front of the terminal pick up area.

Landing locations

At this time we only offer 1 location inside of Big Sur (Post Ranch Inn) and 1 outside of Big Sur at Monterey Airport (Del Monte Aviation, see map below)

Del Monte Aviation
100 Sky Park Dr.
Monterey, CA 93940


R44 Helicopter Interior

R44 Helicopter Interior

Currently we are using the Robinson R44 Helicopters - They are cost effective, safe and have plenty of space for 3 people and carry-on luggage. The maximum seat weight is 300 pounds and we try to keep each flight to about 600 pounds or less of passengers and luggage.

The space of the cabin is very similar to a small car. Most able bodied people fit inside easily. Carry-on items and things that would fit inside of a grocery size space can go on your lap and under your seat. If others are ok with a bag laying across your laps, then that is fine also.

Ticket Purchase

In order to reduce costs you have the following choice when booking:

1. Book all 3 seats and fill the helicopter as you like with passengers or luggage ($350)

2. Book 1 seat per person at $125 per seat

3. Book 2 seats - 1 for you and 1 for your luggage (up to 290 pounds, space restrictions apply, see helicopter size above)

4. All seats are required to be purchased before we depart, in the event you have a less than full flight on your chosen trip you will receive a full refund if we do not fly. You can always choose to pay for the extra seats not taken and go anyway.

5. These are 1- way trips, so please purchase a ticket for each direction if needed. Other trips not shown are available on request.

6. Special trips for full flights each way are available on request ($600 Round trip, same flight)

Important Info

* No hazardous materials, guns, ammunition, explosives, batteries, illigal drugs etc.
* No prescription medication delivery service allowed by our staff - Contact AMR (American Medical response), They have people that can carry those for you.
* We reserve the right and are required by law to refuse service to anyone or any item for safety or legal reasons. Be aware that this is a federally regulated flight.
* If you have special circumstances or have any questions, please contact our office- (831) 763-2244