Take a Classic Open Cockpit BiPlane ride over the Monterey Bay.

Jump on board a stunning piece of aviation history. Our Biplane is a 2005 WACO Classic airplane that seats two passengers up front and looks just like they made them 70 years ago but with all the modern safety equipment and upgrades for a much improved flying experience.

This is an experience you wont want to miss

Your flight starts with a briefing on how to enter and exit a Vintage airplane, get into the seat belt and some pre-flight items and instructions; using the headset, fitting the leather helmet and goggles and basically getting you ready for the ride of your life.
After the briefing, you will be taken out to the airplane where the pilot will load you up, start the engine and your off! Your flight will take you out over the bay or inland as conditions allow. During the flight you can talk with the pilot/tour guide or other passengers as we point out the sights as you see them. The whole experience is designed to give you the ultimate in travel thrill adventures without using a time machine!


Bi-Plane Ride - 20 minutes - $175
Add 15 minutes of air time - $75

Buy a Photo package:
Our photo packages are an amazing deal. We use a professional photographer and if you choose the flight package, we fly air to air with you on your aerial photography flight to capture you from the air.

Ground package - $125

This picture package gives you 10-15 minutes of time with the airplane on the ground. You and your family or friends can pose and setup the perfect ground picture with you and this stunning airplane.

Includes a professional photographer and 10-15 edited pictures. This is an unbeatable price and perfect for any occasion.

Flight Package - $299

This is our aerial photo package, including all the images on the ground plus 10-15 images while you are flying! We take our helicopter up and follow you for 10 minutes while we take some air to air images on the aerial photography flight.This is an amazing price for what you get. Our photographer will work with you to time the event around the best looking images so you get a fantastic shot. All of our promotional images you see on our website of the Biplane where taken this way.

The price includes:
10-15 images on the ground (15 minutes of shooting time)
10-15 images in the air from our helicopter (10 minutes of shooting air time)


Things you might want to know before booking:

1. The front passengers seat has limited space. You will sit shoulder to shoulder and the seat is 34" across, so 2 average sized adults (less than 170 pounds) or 1 large adult and 1 child should fit comfortably but as you can imagine it is a cozy fit!

2. Max single passenger weight is 275, Max combined passenger weight is 340 pounds.

3. You must be an able-bodied person to board the airplane. Getting into the passenger seat can be tricky and takes some maneuvering. Your going to have to pivot your whole body, support your weight with your arms and legs while ducking. Its not hard but it is unusual (unless you practice yoga).

4. Wear comfortable pants, Regular flat soled shoes and warm clothes on cold days.

5. Even though its an open cockpit, the wind in the cockpit is about like opening your window on the freeway.

6. You will be sitting up front with some flight controls, so all children under (13 years old) must be accompanied by an adult. We reserve the right to refuse boarding to anyone for any reason.

Feel the wind in your hair and the Power of a Giant Radial Engine as you roar through the air!