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General cost information:

At Specialized we strive to keep costs down, we actually have one of the industries lowest costs based on our average students final costs associated with flight training. For example, we offer free and reduced cost flights to students that are willing to ride along on ferry, re-positioning, maintenance and sales flight. Over the years, our students have saved 10's of thousands of dollars in flight training due to our school offering commercial flight services to the flying public. This allows our students to take advantage of the empty seats already being paid for by others. Unfortunately we can not make it free, so see below some files you can download to get an idea of average costs to learn to fly here on the Monterey Bay with Specialized.



Never in the history of aviation has it cost the same for any 2 pilots to learn to fly. We want to help you get a better idea of costs, so use our customer portal to submit your request and we will customize a program and get you a much better estimate of costs.