Relocate your aircraft to Marina Airport (KOAR)
Help us add 2,000' of runway


Let's make your flight Operations easy and save some money.

Thank you for your interest in relocating your Aircraft to Marina Airport! As explained, in order to accommodate your aircraft with the highest level of safety, Marina airport would require additional runway length and possibly width. In order to facilitate this, please use the following form so that we can work with local the FAA ADO to expand our capabilities. The Current length is 3,483' x 75. The current general plan is to make it 5,500' x 100. We hope to accomplish this within the next few years and with your help, there is a very good possiblitiy.

Planned Length: 5800 x 100

Current runway Configuration

Dimensions: 3483 x 75 ft.

Surface: asphalt, in excellent condition

Weight bearing capacity: 

Single wheel: 20.0

Double wheel: 50.0



By Completing this form and clicking on the submit button below, you authorize Specialized Helicopters, Inc. to submit this information to the FAA, Marina Airport staff and use this information to assist us with our effort to advance KOAR projects. We will not use this to advertise or allow it to be seen by any group, person or entity that does not have a direct interest in making the KOAR a better airport.

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