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What it takes to become a Professional Pilot

What it takes to become a Professional Helicopter pilot here at Specialized Helicopters, llc


If you have the time and money plus the encouragement of family and friends you are sure to meet your goals. As with any educational facility, Specialized Helicopters offers you the opportunity to experience a drastic change in your life. We allow you to learn and grow to become a excellent helicopter pilot and for the most part, a different person. This change happens slowly over time and ultimately is set by your motivation level to succeed at something you care about.
Specialized Helicopters helps you to set goals and to achieve these goals on time and on budget based on your personal situation and needs. This is our way of aiding you with the complicated changes that you are about to face. It is a difficult process and one that is well worth the effort but it does have it’s pitfalls- This brief is designed to help you get a basic understanding of what is to be required of you to successfully complete the training process and become the best helicopter pilot you can be .
Ultimately it will take time, money and family support to make you the pilot you want to become. Make no mistake about it, you will be making a significant change, just like any person that chooses a professional career, helicopter flying is no different! You are guaranteed to see the world from a different perspective after completing the process. This is important to realize so you don’t go into this change lightly or without understanding the dedication and level of study that will be required.
As noted above, TIME is a major consideration. You will need to allot your time in many different areas. Flight training, ground school, home work, vacation, personal, sleep, work, etc. These areas will demand from you a clear course of action in order to accomplish all that is required in any given week of training.
The best way to set up a weekly training schedule is to assume the flight training portion of a week takes 3 hours, the ground portion will typically take 2 hours, home work at 5-7 hours for a grand total of 10 hours per week of serious learning. This might not seem like much at first but considering the average person that wants to add helicopter training into their normal day to day life, it will take some dedication. Taking this into considering, we like to have our students “clear their schedule” as much as possible. We recommend you have the financial part of your training established in advance of your training so that you don’t have to worry about it at a later date. If you want to start right away and still need to keep working, great! Our programs work along with your schedule and your instructor will help you configure a training schedule that fits your individual needs.
Helicopter training takes a lot of money. The better you are prepared financially the faster you can accomplish your goals. Students that are financially prepared have a much better chance of completing their training on time and within budget than those that don’t.
Family support is a primary concern in your training, the people that support you financially and/or emotionally help form a picture of who you are and how you shape your future. The important people in your life need to be educated on your career choice and they need to be shown your dedication to the training. If you have strong support from family and friends you will see a positive result in the way your training program progresses. I point this out because it is true that if you have this type of positive support, you will save time and money as well as see the added benefit of really enjoying yourself throughout the process. Remember that if your spirits are high and you come to school excited and positive, you will absorb the information you are receiving effectively. To this end, we offer free flight training consultation not only you but also to anyone you would like to have a clear understanding of this process.
Our instructors and staff will help you with the timing of this training and cost through our free flight training consultations. We highly recommend taking advantage of this free offer. It will give you a clear understanding of your particular situation and how this whole adventure will unfold for you. We like to say that all of our courses are “designed by the student and guided by the instructor”. This way, you get to play a major role in your own training outcome. We do this so you have more control over the end result. Ultimately your success as a helicopter pilot depends on your ability to plan, manage and successfully apply your skills to achieve the desired outcome of a safe and pleasant flight. Start your career off right and layout a plan, “failure to plan is planning to fail”.
Please take the time now to consider what you have taken from this short brief. The team at Specialized Helicopters, llc wants to create a great helicopter pilot out of you. What we need is the desire to succeed, the time to accomplish the goal, support from your family and friends and the funding to complete the process. What you get in return is a career that not only stands out in the crowd but allows you to enjoy one of life’s best experiences each and every day.

Chris Gularte -
Specialized Helicopters