Specialized is a VA approved school.

VA approved courses:


Follow the procedures below to enroll after contacting our facility for more general information.


VA training procedures

  • All veterans must have previously obtained the Private Pilot Certificate in the aircraft they wish to gain commercial certificates or ratings in.

  • To enroll the veteran must have and maintain throughout his/her training a current second class medical certificate for all courses except the ATP course, which requires a current first class medical.

  • The veteran must be enrolled in our FAA Part 141 approved training program and will be reimbursed for 60% of all flight training dual, solo, ground and pre & post instruction. IF GOING THROUGH CHARTER, then this is handled through them.

  • The Department Of Veteran Affairs will not reimburse for training hours that exceed the FAA Part 141 minimum course hours that are approved. Other items not reimbursed are books and pilot supplies.

  • The veteran must have an approval letter; Certificate of Eligibility from the VA stating the veteran has benefits available to him/her prior to enrollment in a flight-training program to ensure reimbursements of funds to the veteran.

  • The veteran and the school certifying official must fill out VA form 22-1999 “Enrollment Certification.” Or, if the veteran had prior training at other flight schools, he/she must take an evaluation ride in order to receive prior credit and be placed in our program. The veteran must fill out VA form 22-1995, “Request for Change of Program or Place of Training”

  • The veteran is given a copy of our school’s catalog. The first page must be signed and remain in the veteran’s file.

  • Once a veteran is enrolled in the course of training, he must follow the approved Part 141 training syllabus and fly 20 hours in a 90-day period. If the veteran fails to fly the required time, he then goes on probation and must fly the required 20 hours during the next 90-day period or dis-enroll. Exceptions can be made for reasons such as illness or weather