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Whether you're creating a special memory or simply looking for an airport transfer, we're here for you.


Commute over the Bay

Hayward | Oakland | San Francisco | Palo Alto | San Carlos

Bell 206 Longranger -
$1,500 per flight hour

5 passenger seats,Turbine engine, Bose headset, Leather Seats, Observation windows, Air Conditioning, 120MPH Cruise



Our Hayward location is the perfect location to save you money yet allow access to the bay areas best airports for fast transportation.

R44 Raven II -
$700 Per flight hour

3 passenger seats, under-seat storage (small carry on items), Air conditioning, Leather Seats, Observation windows, off-shore.

Use the instant quote calculator below to see pricing for our most popular trips. The calculator will show you your typical flight time, cost and maximum allowable weight for all passengers and luggage.

The quote is based on fair weather and does not include after hours, FAA complications, or other variables. The price shown has proven to be accurate 90% of the time.

Instant "fair weather" quote

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Additional charges:

  • Prices shown are based on the actual flight time in the air. Additional charges for standby, ground and administration time may be included as separate items under a quote or invoice.
    * Standby time -$150 per hour
    * After hours dispatch (Before 8:00am or after 5PM PST) - $250
    * Overnight fee- $800 (Helicopter and Pilot)
    * 8 hours of Stand-by duty time has a 3 hour minimum charge on the helicopter
    *10 hours maximum of pilot duty time per day (flight and standby)

Cancellation Policy:

  • Cancellations within 72 hours of scheduled departure time are charged at 25% of the quoted price and at 75% of the quoted price if canceled within 1 hour of scheduled departure time. No-shows or late cancellations are charge 100% of the quoted price.

  • All flight services are subject to Pilot Authority and can be updated, changed or canceled for safety, Weather, ATC, FAA, TSA or "acts of god" as deemed appropriate by the Pilot or operations management. Specialized Helicopters has the final authority on all changes to the flight. Additional charges or discounts may be applied to the final quote as required and at the discretion of Specialized Helicopters.