Aircraft Maintenance

We offer over 10,000 square feet of specialized service, performance upgrades, 337 installations, streamlined service and expert guidance for all your piston aircraft needs.

Airplane Maintenance

From Glass cockpits to minor maintenance, Specialized has you covered. Our staff has the experience and drive to make you a life long customer. Call or drop by to meet our maintenance staff and find out why we are the best aviation maintenance facility on the central coast.

We offer the Power Flow Upgrades, Avionics upgrades, restoration and much more.

COMANCHE AIRCRAFT - If you are interested in having your Comanche upgraded or maintained, we have you covered. Our Director of Maintenance specializes in the PIPER COMANCHE aircraft line and has extensive experience from general maintenance to complete rebuilds. From simple oil changes to major installations and overhauls, we can assist you with making your Comanche one of the best flying aircraft for the money you can own.

Call us today to find out how we can take an older airframe and make it a 200MPH monster.


Helicopter Maintenance

Specialized Helicopters is Northern California's largest Robinson Helicopter Service center. Our team of maintenance personnel can assist with everything from Minor squawks to major repair and overhaul.


Specialized Offers Avionics testing and repair. Have your Mode S, C or A transponder, Altitude encoder and Transceiver tested.


Certified scales for FAA weight and balance compliance on aircraft up to 6000 pounds


Track and balance, prop balance, engine diagnostics. Our technicians can help reduce or eliminate vibrations that cause engine and performance degradation.