The Following information is provided to assist you with understanding all of the rules and regulations placed on flight operations by the FAA, TSA, Company policies and sound practices in order to make your flight experience as safe and entertaining as possible.

Please read before booking and call if you have any questions.

Locations and pricing:

  • All flights begin and end at the Watsonville or Monterey airport independently. If you are scheduled to depart from the Watsonville airport you will return to the Watsonville airport.
  • Prices may be stated as per passenger or per flight.
  • We require at least paid 2 passengers minimum on each flight in order to dispatch the flight for departure. Single passengers can be placed with other groups.

Passenger weight restrictions:

Due to the nature of aircraft, weight can be a limiting factor. Please advise your booking agent of any passenger that is more than 200 lbs. If we are unable to accommodate a passenger due to weight restrictions a full refund of any purchased ticket will be issued.
The maximum per-passenger seat rating is 300 lbs. We are not able to carry any passenger over 300 lbs. due to FAA regulations.
We offer two helicopter models, the R44 and Bell 206 Jet Ranger. The R44 is a 4 seat aircraft that holds 3 passengers. The Bell Jet Ranger is a 5 seat helicopter and holds 4 passengers.

          Jet Ranger-Maximum combined passenger weight (4 people) is 700 pounds. For each guest weighing 250 pounds or more, an adjacent, empty seat purchase may be required to safely balance the aircraft.

          R44 Helicopter- Max combined passenger weight (3 people) is 600 pounds in most cases.

          Tour Airplane- Max seat weight configuration varies based on passenger loading. Passengers over 280 pounds may be required to purchase an extra seat (but usually not, your booking agent will advise on this issue when you contact us)

           Biplane - Max seat weight is 360 pounds. We can try to accommodate 2 passengers but space is limited. Usually 2 kids or 1 child and 1 normal sized adult will fit semi-comfortably. The single front seat (where passengers ride) is a little larger than the size of a lazyboy chair. If you feel you would like to try and fit 2 people, we are willing to see if you will legally fit into the seat safely but if safety is compromised then only 1 passenger will be allowed to board. We recommend calling us to go over details or visit us before booking to make sure there is a safe fit.


Children over 24 months old must ride in their own seat, infants under 24 months old can ride on an adults lap. The limit is 2 infants per flight.

Children under the age of 4 are usually not comfortable in a helicopter, consider them when planning to get into an aircraft that will be visually and audibly intense. We do have headsets for all passengers but they are designed for larger heads than that of most young children.

Weather and flight time:
Please feel free to re-confirm your reservation within 72 hours of your flight, we will advise you on the expected weather and other pertinent information to the flight.

Arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your expected departure time.

  •     You will be discreetly weighed and billed in full at the time of arrival.
  • Fog, rain, stormy conditions and other weather conditions can create a less than spectacular experience. If the pilot decides to cancel the flight due to weather you have the option to reschedule the flight.
  • Flight times and routes may vary depending on flight safety, weather and ATC control

Our minimum weather conditions are as follows:

HELICOPTER TOURS-Cloud bottoms at 1000 and visibility at least 5 miles.

AIRPLANE TOURS-cloud bottoms at 1,500 and visibility 5miles.

Weather reports can be misleading as we fly over a large area and reports can not cover every location along the route. The pilots decide if the weather conditions are more than our minimums throughout the entire flight.

Security Deposit and payment:

A $50 per seat charge is made to hold the reservation. If you provided a credit card number to hold the reservation, you will need to also provide a credit card at the time of your flight for the final payment amount.

Passenger search and carry-on items, identification:

  •  All passengers are subject to FAA regulations pertaining to searching of persons and carry-on baggage for illegal items such as guns, explosive materials, drugs or anything else deemed dangerous or illegal by the pilot.
  • Carry-on items are limited by size. Anything that can lay on your lap is fine as long as it is not heavy or can cause problems to other passengers.
  • The FAA requires that all passengers bring a government-issued photo ID in order to board the aircraft.

Remember that all aviation is controlled by the federal government and all federal laws will apply. We are bound by those laws, do not assume that because something is not illegal in this state or county that the same applies to the federal jurisdiction of the airport.


Aircraft can create an uncomfortable experience for some people, like that of a boat, airplane, or other type of vehicle. Please remember this when purchasing your flight, once the flight begins it can be upsetting to the other passengers if the flight needs to be shortened due to motion sickness or discomfort. That said, we have only had to turn around once in all of the years we have been touring this area. We do not offer a refund in the event a passenger in your group gets sick and we need to return to land. We do offer members of another tour group on the same flight the opportunity to return and continue the tour. For your convenience, we provide sick sacks on every flight just in case a passenger's stomach gets upset.

Cancellation Policy:

  • A deposit is required to confirm a flight. This is usually in the form of a credit card.
  • We require 24 hours notice in order to change or cancel your reservation.
  • Tours canceled with less than 24 hour notice affect other guests booked on the flight and does not allow enough time to resell the canceled seats. Reservations canceled within 24 hours will be assessed a $50 per seat cancellation fee.
  • No-shows (5 minutes past booked departure time) will be assessed 100% of the cost of the booked and confirmed ticket price as a cancellation fee. If you need to change or cancel your reservation please provide us with 72 hours notice prior to your tour time and we will be happy to accommodate you.
  • Rescheduling your reservation within 24 hours will still forfeit your $50 per seat deposit on the previously held reservation.

    Weather, ATC, FAA or other unexpected delays or cancellations are not subject to cancellation fees. If you arrive willing and able and we just can't fly, there will be no charges.

Booking Agents:
The Specialized Helicopters booking agents are trained to answer almost all of your questions, please contact us with any questions or concerns you may have. It is our job to make this a great experiences and we strive to accomplish this and provide complete satisfaction.