Multi-Engine Training Course

Take our 10 hour 7 day VFR MULTI-ENGINE AIRPLANE course.
this course is designed to move quickly! Fast track your twin rating!

FAA Part 61 fast track course


2 hours ground ($158)
5 hours of Sim (Includes CFII) ($704)
10 Hours in Twin Barron ($5,040)
$5,902 Total + check ride
* unlimited use of sim by yourself at $59 per hour (after initial 5 hours)
** 2 sessions per day if needed
** We book the DPE prior to your arrival, so no waiting
*** Additional flight time or ground as needed at additional costs.

Course and Hour Requirements for a part 141 Multi-Engine Class Rating (VA approved)

For Private Pilot per part 141 Appendix I 3(b) & 4(k)(1):

  1. 3 hours of flight time, which includes:

    3 hours cross-country
    3 hours of night, which includes one cross country flight of more than 100 nm & 10 takeoffs and
    10 landings to a full stop
    3 hours instrument training
    10 hours of ground training

  2. For Commercial Pilot per part 141 Appendix I 3(c) & 4(k)(2):

    10 hours flight time, which includes:
    5 hours instrument training
    2 hour day cross-country of more than 100nm
    2 hour night cross-country of more than 100nm
    15 hours ground

  3. For ATP Pilot per part 141 Appendix 3(d) & 4(k)(3):

    25 hours flight time that includes:
    15 hours instrument training
    25 hours ground

Train like you fly with our proven system. Full motion simulator to get your systems and flying memorized safely, then out to a powerful, fast and real world airplane.

When it comes to choosing a twin engine airplane for twin training, why fly less capable airplanes that don't represent what the twin market pilot will actually fly. Make the clear choice and learn to fly multi-engine airplanes like the pros. With over 500HP propelling you through the air at 200MPH you will learn how to handle airplanes of this caliber as opposed to much slower and antiquated aircraft.  Our Barron is Fully equipped with a G500 glass panel including synthetic vision and the Garmin GTN750 touch screen GPS. With the new new interior , factory new engines and props in November 2017, you will know what a real twin engine training is supposed to be like!

This course is not for your average pilot but geared toward those pilots looking to fly an actual twin engine airplane or those looking to advance their career. The Twin Beech Barron B55 is a fast and smooth airplane you can really enjoy learning in and looks great on a resume.

B55 Barron Price With Fuel - $385 per hour , CFII-Adv. ($95 per hour)

Multi Course Starter info book

Barron 55 - Pilots operating Handbook