Full motion FLIGHT SIm for pilots, students and aviators.

INTUITIVE, PERFORMANCE based scenarios that push your limits while growing your pilot skills quickly and all at a price anyone can afford. - $59 per hour solo!!

Log training in a full motion sim (Advanced Aviation Training Device - AATD) for the following certificate, ratings and flight training:

  1. Private pilot - 2.5 hours

  2. Commercial pilot - 50 hours

  3. Instrument rating - 20 hours

  4. ATP certificate -25 hours

  5. IPC -Instrument proficiency check, keeping current for IFR -SEL or MEL

  6. Upset training

  7. Multi engine training -

  8. Stall recovery

  9. Emergency training and much more....

Our Redbird aviation training system offers 3 configurations:

  1. Cessna 172 G1000

  2. Barron B55 multi-engine

  3. CIRRUS SR-22 with Side Stick and Throttle

CIRRUS SR-22 Cockpit with Throttle and Side Stick

CIRRUS SR-22 Cockpit with Throttle and Side Stick

Where can i fly?

Anywhere, anytime of day, or just place the airplane exactly where you want it. It's simple, intuitive and allows our students to fly a DO-OVER whenever they didnt get it just right. With this type of flying, any student can master IFR/vfr skills without the cost of going around the pattern, yet another time.

What does it cost?

The real question should be, WHAT DOES IT SAVE?

  1. Starting at $59 an hour plus instructor (if needed) your basic costs are cut in half and much more if flying our twin engine Duchess configuration.

  2. You are able to simulate emergency scenarios not possible (or not a good idea) in the real aircraft, so this could translate to your life someday- That's worth a extra training $$ don't you think?

  3. How about being able to re-set the airplane back on the approach without having to fly the pattern or do a run-up. Plus no pre-flight. All of this and much more add up to the type of savings all pilots need today and in the future.

  4. Train like the professionals but at the cost of less than the cheapest airplane on any flight line.

  5. FAA credit toward your required flight hours also reduces costs plus every minute counts in the real airplane and you dont have to learn in the actual cockpit. Actual airplane cockpits are known for being one of the worst classrooms. So why not get your first flights from a great classroom that has a PAUSE button or you can turn down the sound or setup a perfect sunny day!

Does Motion Matter?

YES IT DOES, and for some less than obvious reasons. Pilots that learn primary flight skills in a device that provides accurate motion feedback transition to the real aircraft in less time because they know what it “feels like” to fly. They are less anxious in the cockpit, have better touch on the controls, and know why you need right rudder in the climb.

What type of flight situations does it offer?

This device has been designated as an Advanced Aviation Training Device (emphasis on the word "advanced") because it offers motion and a very realistic cockpit. When coupled with a state of art instructors station that can control and create any type of weather or failures, the student can be pressed into a natural improvement of flight skills just like a professional athlete has a coach to push you ahead, now you have one in the cockpit (if you want).

Experience, rain, ice, snow, weight and balance or altitude issues, fog, storms, and specific scenarios of endless design. We offer purpose built scenarios or you can ask us to setup a specific flight in specific weather conditions and give you any number of failures along the route to deal with. All at the touch of a button and with real results and action steps that must be performed.

Does it have Sound?

Oh Yes, and not only do the airplane sounds feel real but you also get air traffic control, ATIS and other audio as you fly.

Want to talk with a live controller? Just push the talk button on the yoke and request everything from vectors to emergency sequencing, or anything you like.


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Cost savings using Redbird Sim

This might not seem like much money, but learning in a sim reduces the total cost of flight training due to pilots obtaining there ratings at the minimum times.

Average Flight hours required to pass checkride

When using our Redbird, students can reduce costs through reduced flight hours required to pass checkrides.

Useful Files for study and training in our sim

!CLICK on green links to download-

1. Download our AATD flight training programs. This is a great tool for learning how to log sim time and see what hours can qualify towards ratings and certificates.

2. Cost analysis between 141/61 programs and using the redbird or not. See how much our programs cost and choose the program that is right for you. The least costly is the part 141 with the Redbird at $33,215. This would include the Pvt, Inst. and Comm programs (CFI and CFII included in commercial pilot training).