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Coastal Air Tours by Helicopter or Airplane

Enjoy a helicopter or airplane tour over the Monterey Bay. See Santa Cruz, Pebble Beach, Monterey, Carmel. Visit a winery and much more.

Glider tours Monterey Bay California

Helicopter & Airplane Flight Training

Flight training from the Watsonville airport and with Specialized Aviation is as good as it gets. Fly the R22, R44 and Bell Jetranger Helicopters. Our airplanes are the Cessna 172, Piper archer and Mooney aircraft. Ocean flying, mountain flying, IFR flying and VA training.

Helicopter and Airplane training from the Watsonville airport in California. Fly in the R44, R22 and Jetranger helicopters. Cessna, Piper and mooney airplanes. from Private to ATP ratings avilable.

This video is about G500H installation into a R44 helicopter. Brought to you by Specialized Helicopters Flight training department.

Specialized Helicopters, llc, serves all your helicopter needs. We are dedicated to providing high customer satisfaction by providing excellent customer service. Our Service and Overhaul Department was created to give the Robinson owner the best alternative to a factory overhaul and save time and money along the way.

Helicopter training facility in California on the Monterey Bay. Specialized Helicopters."Get ready to be a professional helicopter pilot"

This video is about flight training from the Watsonville airport. Helicopter and airplane training, turbine, IFR, ATP, Commercial, and more. Aircraft sales, service and tours.

Learn to fly helicopter at Specialized Helicopters in Watsonville California. R22 Helicopter 0-Speed Autorotation from 100-200 feet from Partial power failure- Yes it can be done but don't try this without expert and professional instruction.

Aviation Flight Services and More..

Specialized Aviation at the Watsonville airport, see the view from above.

R44 pop out float inflation test

This video is about our demonstration :fo" display. Movie productions often use "smoke" on a movie set. This application for an aerial version of that same "fog" system.