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THIS FORM IS TO GIVE SPECIALIZED HELICOPTERS, INC. Authorization to Land their helicopter on your property. Please use with careful consideration to state, federal and local laws and regulations that might apply to your property.

Name *
Please provide the land Owner name, Manager or Authorized Person with the right to allow a helicopter to perform landing and take off at the site.
Phone *
We usually will reach out prior to each landing unless asked otherwise or when previously authorized.
Address *
Property Physical address
Relationship to Property *
We need to know how you are connected to the property - Only specific persons have the authority to authorize a helicopter landing.
Would you like to authorize us to land more than once? *
If you would like us to be able to land at your property more than 1 time and for a specific period. You must also put any specific limitations to times or dates in the information section.
Start Date *
Start Date
Date Authorized to Land or initial start date as the case may require.
End Date
End Date
Last day authorized to land/ Could be the same as the start date indicating only one day of authorization.
We use this as an approximate time authorized if you have specific information please use the info field below.